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Companies are bands of people

Stick figure drawing of a team of employees.

The team” by Edwin van Geelen  is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Companies are not things; they are groups of people. This fact seems to be simultaneously well-known and lost on everybody. Perhaps this was more obvious in the days before modern brands when businesses were smaller. Now it is all too easy to think about companies in terms of their products, buildings or stock performance.

Yet products, buildings and stock performance do not a company make. These things are the result of the sum total of the labor of a company’s employees. Many companies forget this when they prioritize investment in new technology, real estate or other ‘things’ over employee happiness and productivity. I am not saying give everybody a Segway. What I am saying is instead of investing in a panacea like information technology, invest in “employee technology” by establishing a culture where employees take ownership of their roles as author Daren Martin explains. Once you begin to put this culture in place, bring your employees from all levels of the organization to the table and ask them what investments you should make.

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How to Subitize – See numbers in your head

Easily subitize by breaking numbers into pairs of three. 1,2,3 and 4,5,6 and 7,8,9 can be grouped together.

To subitize is to mentally count individual units of one. A quick way to subitize is to group numbers in three’s.

When I learned math as a child, I went straight to memorizing numerals. What I did not fully understand was what the numerals actually represent. This slowed down my math.

Determined to solve this problem, I figured out a system for counting that groups numbers 1 through 9 into chunks of three. This counting system is pictured above. It almost looks like braille and could be converted into raised bumps for the blind and visually impaired.

This system came to me in February 2016 as I was walking through my neighborhood and trying to count leaves on clovers or petals on flowers. It was hard to arrive at an accurate count after only glancing at the object. In fact, the dictionary definition of Subitize offers that the limit for humans to subitize is seven.

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What is marketing?

Define marketing: Marketing is creating business growth goals and taking action steps to achieve them.

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What is business?

A simple definition of “business” is the conversion of human energy into money and vice versa.

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A simple definition of math

If the first thing children learn in math is counting, then could the answer to the question “What is math?” be technology for counting?

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Map of DFW Fortune 500 Companies

At the time of writing, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is home to around 20 Fortune 500 companies. One of the reasons why I moved from San Diego (which has two Fortune 500 Companies) to Dallas was for the career/networking opportunities that large enterprises bring to a city.


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My two favorite written portfolio pieces from Review Concierge

My tenure at Review Concierge (2012 – 2015) was a highly educational and (net) rewarding experience. Some of my happiest moments were spent chatting with our nation’s top doctors at all hours of the day and night figuring out how to respond to their online reviews.

While my stories about individual clients are off the record, I did produce quite a few educational stories for the larger community. Many of these portfolio pieces are referenced in the projects section of my LinkedIn profile.

If I were to point to my two favorite written portfolio pieces from my time at Review Concierge, they would be:

  1. Online Review Survival Course
  2. Online Reviews: Leveraging 3 Trends That Brought them Center Stage

These pieces took a great deal of time to distill into written form because they tackle abstract concepts. After spending five hours per night for two weeks (after working full days), I finished the Online Review Survival Course and headed straight to acupuncturist to fix the carpal tunnel that I acquired from writing it. Fortunately, it was fixed in one session.

As I get ready to turn 30, I am upping my commitment to share more of the specialized  knowledge that I regularly invest time acquiring. My hope is that I can share valuable tips that enhance the profitability of  your sales and marketing campaigns.

What do successful marketing campaigns have in common? 


“There has to be a way to ensure the success of a marketing campaign,” I thought in the summer of 2015. While many effective marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns were created by people just winging it, I suspected there was a known set of footholds in the human psyche which marketers could target to increase their response rates. What were they?

The question led down on a path of intellectual inquiry that began on Penny Lane and wound half way across the globe to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 1991 when the book Human Universals was published by Dr. Donald Brown. The book presents a big idea that flew in the face of the prevailing assumption in anthropology that humans were different.

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An efficient writing process for Facebook Pages

Odyz Cards was an experiment run between August and November 2015 to answer the question: What is the most efficient way to author original content for Facebook? 

The concept was to divide the task of writing into three parts:

odyz post example

An example dividing the labor in the writing process.

STEP 1. Odyz Cards asks customers a daily question. The question can be delivered via SMS, email or a sponsored Facebook post (pictured above).

STEP 2. Customers answers the question casually, in their own voices.

STEP 3. Odyz Cards turns customers’ answers into complete Facebook posts.

Customers would get their first experience with the concept via #TellOdyz #Freebies, which were sponsored Facebook posts questions (pictured above). Once they signed up for the $99/mo program, daily questions were sent via text message. The final posts were published on customers’ Facebook pages.
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Why did I rebrand from David to Eisaiah?

On my 29th birthday in 2015, I rebranded from David Engel to my middle name, D. Eisaiah Engel. There are three reasons for the change:

  • When you type ‘David Engel’ into Google, there is a successful broadway actor and plenty of lawyers, professors and doctors all competing for placement in the SERP (SERP is an acronym which stands for: search engine results page). I am all for competition, but there are too many awesome people named David Engel. This was not one that I could win.

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