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Re-Writing a Weight Loss MLM

Here is an ad written in for a MLM in the weight loss industry. Instead of giving it the regular look of an MLM, I gave it a news appeal. Sales people are now ‘weight loss hosts.’ The term multi-level marketing is redefined to Weight Loss 2.0.

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New Articles about Hiring

Check out these articles I just wrote to read through the B.S. on resumes. There’s a way to identify real talent before you even talk to a candidate.

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Give me an example, please

Just wanted to mention some exciting points while I’m in the middle of writing an article on effective Pre-Interviewing techniques.

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Branding won again: Clear eyes

Today I went eye-drop shopping.

There were so many choices on the shelf. Then, suddenly, the voice of Ben Stein guided me to the product I had been brainwashed to buy through all the TV commercials I watched as a kid.

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Memoirs: FBook Auction

FBook Auction - a way to buy and sell facebook groups. Invented by advertising copywriter David Engel in 2005.Back in 2005, when I was at USC, I created a site called FBookAuction.

The site allowed users to auction off ownership to groups on Facebook. The new owner could send marketing messages to the group. (This was before Facebook apps.)

The idea was to give Facebook entrepreneurs a way to make money by aggregating groups of people that an advertiser would target (e.g. people with allergies). And to give advertisers (e.g. allergy drug company) a way to send marketing messages to their target audience.

It didn’t work.

Social Proof: CHEAT™ Banner

This banner ad won’t be winning an award any time soon. Still, it makes great use of social proof (testimonials) and is persuasive.

Ad Concept: Guess What

In a world of advertising sameness, I thought this would be an different concept to try.

Although not specific, it could be narrowed down by calling out the audience like, “Hey dieters, guess what.”

Guess What Banner Ad from David Engel's advertising copywriter portfolio

CHEAT on a diet quiz

More banner ads for the CHEAT™ food sprinkle.

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Tiny email line that got a 23% response rate

B2B Copywriter David Eisaiah Engel's 23% response voicemail/email tacticBack in April 2009, I worked in B2B telephone sales. I found that this email tag line – when combined with a voicemail – would average a 23% response rate on the first call… on a COLD CALL. Read the rest of this entry »

BQE ROI Calculator

BillQuick ROI calculator from David Engel's advertising portfolioWhen I was a sales rep at BQE Software in Torrance, CA, I cracked the code of how to calculate a realistic return on investment for the BillQuick Time & Billing software.

The ROI Calculator cut the sales cycle down by showing realistically how much cash a company was bleeding across 6 different expense factors. Bleeding that only BillQuick could put a stop to.


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