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52 embedded commands

Embedded commands are softening language. They are good at bypassing the conscious mind to place ideas directly into the subconscious.

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“How To” Art: Puzzle eMindset

I just finished the Puzzle eMindset.

To me, this piece stands on the border of art and “how to” literature.

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Joomla Programmer Pre-Interview Questions

I added a new piece to my Google Knol Collection, Mastering the Pre-Interview.

The piece, titled Joomla Programmer Pre-Interview, is a series of questions that reveal a Joomla coder’s skill. I recommend asking some or all of these questions before hiring a Joomla coder.

New Website for Real Estate Client

I just finished a new website for a San Diego real estate investment firm.

saarei website.png
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Bio with a ‘big idea’

Very few bios have a big idea.

The big idea in this bio = you can have a relationship with food… and it can be healthy.

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Define: Big Idea in Advertising

Big ideas are fresh and provoking ideas that hold a viewer’s attention.

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As we start the 10’s, the landscape of advertising will become even more shaky for those who rely on “what used to work.”

Leonardo DaVinci's toothed gears. DaVinci was also a painter, architect, mathematician...

2010: Time to discover new ways to help consumers make buying decisions.

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Swine Flu News Article

This article was written as an experiment in October of 2009. It was never published.

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What would you eat if you could CHEAT?

I forgot to mention in the post about that I wrote the tagline, “What would you eat if you could CHEAT?”

Invention is explaining the obvious

Obvious does not mean what everyone else sees.

Yet, when the inventor explains it, it suddenly becomes obvious to everyone else.

Got Milk

Obvious. Why didn’t I think of that?

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