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Ad Concept: Guess What

In a world of advertising sameness, I thought this would be an different concept to try.

Although not specific, it could be narrowed down by calling out the audience like, “Hey dieters, guess what.”

Guess What Banner Ad from David Engel's advertising copywriter portfolio

CHEAT on a diet quiz

More banner ads for the CHEAT™ food sprinkle.

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Tiny email line that got a 23% response rate

B2B Copywriter David Eisaiah Engel's 23% response voicemail/email tacticBack in April 2009, I worked in B2B telephone sales. I found that this email tag line – when combined with a voicemail – would average a 23% response rate on the first call… on a COLD CALL. Read the rest of this entry »

BQE ROI Calculator

BillQuick ROI calculator from David Engel's advertising portfolioWhen I was a sales rep at BQE Software in Torrance, CA, I cracked the code of how to calculate a realistic return on investment for the BillQuick Time & Billing software.

The ROI Calculator cut the sales cycle down by showing realistically how much cash a company was bleeding across 6 different expense factors. Bleeding that only BillQuick could put a stop to.

Vehicle Affiliate Advertising

I think about this method as a loan for infinite advertising funds.

In my 2009 beta test, I was able to get 30+ people to pay $35 to cover setup costs. My total out-of-pocket expense to get started was $0, yet 30 of my ads were driving around the city.

The method is a re-invented “paid to drive” program. It tracks sales or leads from an ad on an affiliate’s car. There is a unique phone number on the ad – that is associated only with that affiliate. When prospects call the number, the system tags the incoming customer to the affiliate. Read the rest of this entry »

Vehicle Affiliate Ad

Click this link to read the full vehicle affiliate ad I wrote in November 2008 for a campaign using my vehicle affiliate advertising business method.

The vehicle affiliate ad pulled in over 200 inquiries on Craigslist in only 2 weeks. Which is remarkable, considering the person displaying the ad was to pay us $35 up front. They would be paid based on the sales the ad brought in.

Sales were tracked with a unique phone number.

Fishing for “A” Candidates in a Digital Pond

Fishing for “A” Candidates in a Digital Pond was a small publication I wrote in November of 2008. It was supposed to be “a guide to recruiting top talent to your firm by having intriguing conversations over social networks and RSS.”

While some of the ideas are obsolete now, here are some interesting concepts that could tweaked to fit today’s digital landscape. Especially page 12.

Click here to read Fishing for “A” Candidates in a Digital Pond

RSS advertising feeds can be distributed through employees's facebook profiles

Imagination > Knowledge. Capture it.

Nicholas Mac Connell's Brain Organizer iPhone App is a great tool for organizing thoughtsLunch today was with the inventor of the brain organizer iPhone app, Nicholas Mac Connell. We were talking about how imagination is more important than knowledge.

I use Nicholas’ product, the brain organizer, to capture my imagination while writing ads. When the many scattered ideas come into my head, I’m able to file them in the brain organizer. The product uses a very simple – yet very powerful categorization system. It gives me a high-level view of what’s going on in my imagination. Now, big ideas don’t get away.

I wrote the copy, designed the layout, and coded a large portion of

The website sells Cal Nutrascience’s product called CHEAT™. Thanks to Jack Herrera for shooting the videos. And to Max Payne in Egypt for building the backend code.

Below is a Google slide show of the site. You can go through the site by clicking the navigation buttons below.

Challenge: Make an MLM look sexy

Too many multi-level marketing companies use the “Get filthy rich at home doing nothing” approach. For this creative challenge, I took a different approach. And decided to make the whole thing look like a job ad.

Click the picture below to see the full ad.

David Engel advertising portfolio - Make an MLM ad look credible


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