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CSV List of NAICS Codes

For those of you needing a comma separated list of 2002 NAICS codes in a text (.txt) file, here you go!

Download a comma-separated file of 2002 NAICS Codes

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Questions to help you write a bio

Answering these questions will help you write a benefit-focused, professional bio:

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List of 397 Venture Capital Firms

As part of our ongoing research, we compiled a list of Venture Capital (or VC) Firms.

You can download a .csv version of this list or copy and paste from the table below.

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David on Intelligence

David shares his views on intelligence. “Intelligence is two things… maybe three. 1 = having knowledge (data points or dots); 2 = connecting the dots; 3 = learning (getting more dots).”

Screen shots for 118 mobile websites

Below are screen shots for a list of 118 web retailers with mobile websites.

Creative professionals learning how to design for smart phones should study these screen shots to gauge what works / doesn’t work on a smart phone.

List of mCommerce Companies

Below are a list of mobile commerce (mCommerce or M-Commerce) platforms / shopping carts that turned up in some of my Google searches.

No guarantees that this list is accurate or complete. However, could be a helpful starting point if you’re conducting research.

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Why do people keep logging into sites like Facebook?

Social Media Websites
Many people are charting their life experiences on websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

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News Update: Mobile Intelligence Report is Out

The Mobile Intelligence Report allows marketers to see what their website looks like on mobile devices. So they can see what their mobile customers see.

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Reference Check Your College Study Group

When college programs rely heavily on group work, choosing a group can make or break the learning experience. Many students choose groups blindly, facing the nightmarish possibility of getting stuck with… slackers!

If I were a professor, I’d announce on the first day of class that everyone will be working in groups… and they should pick group members like they’re hiring for a job. Group rosters would be due the following week.

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5 Question Wealth Building Exercise

This article gives you five wealth building questions to steer your daily activity.

According to Roger Hamilton, author of Wealth Dynamics and the Chairman of the XL results foundation, there are five basic components of Wealth:1

  1. Reputation
  2. Powerful network
  3. Knowledge base
  4. Resource base
  5. Track record

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