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B2B Marketing Blunder #1

I’ve decided to start compiling all the stupid mistakes that B2B marketers/sales people make because of bad data. Here’s #1:

List of 5,000 Random Domains

Here is a list of 5,000 random domains. You can use this if you’re doing any sort of research where you need a random sample of domains. At this time, there are approximately 119,832,805 domains with extensions on in this list (“the population”). If I calculated the margin of error (“confidence interval”) correctly, this sample size represents a 1.819% margin of error for the given population.

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In early 2010, I wrote a blog post called 2010:A Renaissance in Persuasion. I announced that I was on a journey to find better ways of advertising. I wrote, “perhaps [my findings] will be unlike anything we have called advertising before.” That is exactly what happened with Company Data Trees.

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CSV List of NAICS Codes

For those of you needing a comma separated list of 2002 NAICS codes in a text (.txt) file, here you go!

Download a comma-separated file of 2002 NAICS Codes

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Questions to help you write a bio

Answering these questions will help you write a benefit-focused, professional bio:

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List of 397 Venture Capital Firms

As part of our ongoing research, we compiled a list of Venture Capital (or VC) Firms.

You can download a .csv version of this list or copy and paste from the table below.

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David on Intelligence

David shares his views on intelligence. “Intelligence is two things… maybe three. 1 = having knowledge (data points or dots); 2 = connecting the dots; 3 = learning (getting more dots).”

Screen shots for 118 mobile websites

Below are screen shots for a list of 118 web retailers with mobile websites.

Creative professionals learning how to design for smart phones should study these screen shots to gauge what works / doesn’t work on a smart phone.

List of mCommerce Companies

Below are a list of mobile commerce (mCommerce or M-Commerce) platforms / shopping carts that turned up in some of my Google searches.

No guarantees that this list is accurate or complete. However, could be a helpful starting point if you’re conducting research.

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